Statement Mirrors installed in a bathroom incoming Trend for 2019

5 Bathroom Trends in 2019 You Should Try

New Year, New Look! Here’s the run down of all the bathroom trends in 2019 that will guide you in giving your favorite spot (aka your bathroom) a refreshed look.



 1. Hello Storage Ledges 


According to interior designer Brady Tolbert, storage ledges for your bathroom gives off a cleaner look and can be used in almost every bathroom, no matter the style.



A photo of a storage ledger for the bathroom for a cleaner and fresh look to include in your bathroom trends in 2019




        2.  Exposed Hardware Affair


Going for an industrial look? Exposed hardware and piping in the bathroom ads a retro and sleek look to your wet space and can look stunning against neutral or white-tiled interior.



A photo of a retro bathroom look for a luxury bathroom trends in 2019




            3.  A Concrete Treat


Concrete is increasingly becoming the go-to material in many stylish homes. It’s a functional utilitarian surface that gives bathroom a strong industrial feel, which makes it particularly great choice for bathrooms thanks to both its strength and its versatility.



A bathroom with a concrete theme for a stylish bathroom trends in 2019




       4. Statement Mirrors, of course


Basic mirrors are out, statement mirrors are in! Add a little character and beauty to your bare bathroom walls with a bold statement mirror. Whether you opt for an oversized mirror – perfect for dramatic effect, or group together a collection of smaller designs, they’re a great way to balance a scheme and draw attention to your walls.



Statement Mirrors installed in a bathroom incoming bathroom trends in 2019




       5. Ace the Urban Oasis Look


Keeping plants in your bathroom is a trend everyone should try. Turning your home into an interior garden or jungle-like oasis is all the rage, and for good reason. Aside from their air-purifying qualities, plants provide some serious style. These pops of green are welcome in just about any room, but lately, bathroom plants have stolen our hearts.




A fresh bathroom with plants and high ceiling bathroom trends in 2019

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