Deco Modula Mirror in a Luxury Home

5 Creative Ways of Wall Decoration

It’s time to bring your wall decoration into life in different exciting ways. Here are the five creative tips on how you will transform your plain walls.


Style With Photos.

Wall decorated with Picture Frames

Take a trip down memory lane by putting up photos as a wall decoration. Stick the photos in style by printing them with the same sizes. Place them in a proportional way to make it aesthetically pleasing.  Be more creative by printing it in Polaroid frames too. Polaroid printers can be bought anywhere, or you might consider buying instant cameras.


Install Designer Frames.

Lighted Cabinet Mirror by Grand Mirrors

Forget about the usual floating shelves or boring cabinets mounted against the wall. Invest in storage like lighted cabinet mirrors like from Grand Mirrors Inc. to give your an impressive ambiance and convenience.


Display or draw an artwork.

Art Work Hanged on a Blue Wall Image


Artworks are intended to be displayed but it still needs to be curated. Choose the artworks that go with the same color scheme, patterns or styles. Experts also said that when displaying art at from a museum curator, atelier or art shops, consider the measurements and framing. If you’re an artist by heart, give an extra effort by creating a masterpiece directly against the walls.


Hang some decors.


Wall Decors Hanged on a White Wall

The easiest way to accessorize your home is to have wall-hanging decors like dream catchers, handmade and wood dangling pieces, curtains or vintage textiles. You may also try hanging indoor plants. Decors vary depending on your space and style.


Be extra creative.

Colorful Wall Decor On a White Wall


If you opt for unique wall decoration, try using wall stencils or DIY washi tapes to stick on your walls.  Washi tapes and wall stencils are helpful in coming up with fresh and vibrant patterns. Aside from placing these against the wall, it can be using a décor for vases and frames too!

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