5 Home Cabinet Ideas We’re Obsessed With

For a modern home, modern and sleek cabinets are an obvious choice – whether it be in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, these home cabinet ideas are something to be crazy for. If these inspos fit your aesthetic, let’s make sure you note it on your checklist!



Kitchen: Go Classy, Go Black


You can never go wrong with black. Amber Interiors’ kitchen design exudes personality and class at the same time. If you want a modern kitchen that never goes out of style, black cabinets are the way to go.



Kitchen Home Cabinet Idea Image





Bedroom: Chick Bedroom Cabinet


A bedroom should be two things: comfortable and functional. This mirror bedroom cabinet idea gives a larger impression at the same time brings comfort through organizing with this timeless cabinet design. A functional, chick, and comfortable bedroom is what we should all aim for


Bedroom Home Cabinet Idea Grand Mirrors Blog




Living Room: Storage and Design


A cluttered living room causes a sloppy impression. It is time to organize your space without sacrificing style and design. DigsDigs’ simple yet smart storage idea is a definite yes for your next living room concept. It brings out the style and simplicity that your space needs.


Living Room Home Cabinet Idea Grand Mirrors Blog






Bathroom: Lighted Cabinet Mirrors


Tired of your unorganized and boring bathroom? Grand Mirrors’ Lighted Cabinet Mirror is made to any size. It can perfectly fit in any space you need. If you want to have a smart bathroom with quality lighted cabinet mirrors and organize your bathroom in a stylish way, this bathroom inspo is just right for you.


Grand Mirrors Lighted Cabinet Mirror Single Sink





Kitchen: Cabinet TV


Yes, you read that right! A cabinet and TV in one. This ultimate kitchen TV for your smart kitchen, Evervue’s CabiTV CT-200 Kitchen Cabinet TV, is made-to-size and guarantees perfect fit. If you want a luxury and smart kitchen, this should be on your cabinet checklist.


Kitchen Home Cabinet Idea CabiTV CT-200 Kitchen Cabinet TV





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