5 Interior Design Trends This 2020

It’s the end and the start of another decade which means the time has come to welcome a new look for your houses. We are excited to know if you will need to transform or maintain some decorations. Here are the 5 interior design trends we have collated for the year, 2020:



 1. Stay classic.


Choose the pieces and designs that are timeless so you can have the freedom to mix and match it with other styles and it can evolve in the following years. It is also better to invest in quality instead of buying fast pieces of furniture or decors.


2. Go earth-friendly.


According to Forbes, sustainability has become increasingly more important to choose the materials that are eco-friendly. Natural wood, recycled textiles, undyed yarns or plush soft fabrics are great options and their qualities are won’t surely disappoint. Reuse and recycle things as much as possible to avoid wasteful decorations for the coming years.


3. Spend on accessories with meaning.


They are a lot of mass-made items on the market and surely some people have the same interior items as you. It is recommendable to create or purchase things that have story and meaning like a masterpiece of an artist. You may also DIY your decorations.


4. Install a mirror.


Mirrors will never run out of style. It gives the functionality and at the same time, it can transform any corner in the house. A lighted mirror can be a great option. You might want to check out Grand Mirrors Allure. It has a brushed aluminum frame and a very effective integrated LED light.


5. Get back with Mosaics.


Mosaics will be in this 2020 to give textures, patterns and, personality. According to a senior designer, people are craving the texture, patina and, age of something that feels firm and permanent. You may bring out those mosaic accessories you have kept for a long time or buy a mirror with mosaic frames to decorate. 

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