Deco Lighted Mirror Installed in a luxurious home

5 Lighting Ideas For Your Luxury Home

Lighting has become a norm in our homes. We encounter bulbs, lamps, and even chandeliers in almost every room and corner of our homes; they have become a necessity and yet are unnoticeable part of our home decoration.  Here are 5 lighting ideas for your luxury home goals:


 Chandelier or Sculpture

Michael Anastassiades’ work for lighting ideas for a luxury home


Michael Anastassiades’ work is inspired by his interest in jewelry making and the work of lighting.

This piece of art is extraordinary in many ways, not only does it serve as a modular lighting system but it also highlights as a sculpture halfway.

In the same way that a sculpture adds to the aesthetic of a home,

this lighting work doubles as a classy sculpture and decoration for a luxury home.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Deco Mirror lighted mirror in a living room for a lighting idea for a luxury home


You can install a mirror in hexagon shape. A unique take to a lighted mirror.

Deco Modula Mirror by Grand Mirrors is not your ordinary mirror but it is a sleek lighted mirror which fits  anywhere in your home.

A sophisticated alternative to wallpapers and boring white wall.

At night, the Deco Modula brightens and hightens the beauty of your space with it’s unique shape and lighting design.

In the morning, this piece of lighted mirror

would give strong impressions to your family, friends, and guests.




Minimalist Chandelier


Franklin Chandeliers by Soren Rose featured as lighting idea for a luxury home


The minimalist yet sophisticated take in your furniture,

this brass Franklin Chandeliers by Soren Rose will satisfy your minimalist soul.

His approach to lighting design is definitely something to be obsessed with. The design is not only unique but it also accentuate the importance of lighting in home

decorations as seen by its design .




Lamp Sculpture


Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki Van Eijk’s work as a lighting idea for a luxury home


This sculpture is a gift of art that came to life.

Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki Van Eijk’s Sketch collection features drawings brought to life

by using disjointed steel rods and an artistic mind. This unique sculpture is not your ordinary steel art, but

the avante-garde work is one that truly speaks art and design.




Lighting Meets Nature


The Gople Lamp as a lighting idea for a luxury home


If you’re a nature lover or simple a plant and gardening enthusiast,

The Gople lamp made from Venetian glass technique, lets plants grow indoors

or help them throughout the process of photosynthesis.

It is designed by the Bjark Ingels Group and the lighting company Artemide.

Besides being an agent of mother nature, the Gople is also a perfect decoration

for your indoor garden or even anywhere in your home with

its simple yet innovative take on a lamp.




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