Grand Mirrors Hollywood Mirrors as a Beauty Vanity Mirror

5 Ways to Style Your Beauty Salon

Owning a beauty salon is indeed exciting but challenging. From the planning phase to execution, branding and more, it is not going to be easy.

We have gathered 5 tips to help you in styling your beauty salon so there is no reason to fuss over the process.



A Salon with Great Space for Customers

1.) Inspect Your Space.     

A salon should have enough work space for every station because you will need to consider how many clients and staffs would fit in your place. Salons with enough spaces look more accommodating and comfortable. If you were not blessed with such space for your business, make sure that you will use its spaces wisely and enhance it to make the area look expansive.






Salon with A Big Mirror and Three Maroon Salon Chairs


2.) Be Consistent with The Style.

A style defines your personality and the overall look of the salon. It also attracts clients so decide carefully which look would you want for your salon.

You can opt for themes like rustic, modern, chic and many more.







Salon Grooming For Men with Good Lighting

3.) Get the Right Lighting.

Add the lights that are not too warm or bright. Make sure these lights match the salon’s interior style and complement any skin complexion. Better to also settle with bulbs that accurately render colors.





Hollywood Mirrors Lighted Mirror in a Posh Salon


4.) Invest in High Quality Lighted Mirrors

Salons wouldn’t be complete without the magical mirror. Provide the best service to your customers by investing in high-quality mirrors. Get the Hollywood Mirrors with different lighting options that can eliminate shadows, power-saving and the same time looks completely elegant.







A Salon with Round Mirrors and Interior Details

Photo from Detroit Blows Detroit MI

5.) Don’t Forget To Add Details. 

No details are too small, that’s why each corner contributes to the branding of the salon. Be extra by adding some statements, decoration or pieces of furniture. Place some gimmicks like displaying beauty products or catalogues in a different way.


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