Mediterranean Lighted Mirror by Grand Mirrors

A Guide to Decorating a Mediterranean-Themed Home

We all dream of going home to a serene space or somewhere that blends in with nature like the Mediterranean lifestyle but there are easy ways to have one.  Now, you don’t need to move out to have a relaxing house because you can achieve the Mediterranean themed-home with these decorating guides.




Begin with colors.

Colorful House with Mediterranean Theme

The Mediterranean-themed home aims to give calmness which means you need to opt for colors inspired by nature. Shades of blue, green, yellow tones and hues of tan or beige are great choices for wall paintings or furniture. These colors also seem soothing in the eyes which gives a relaxing ambiance.


Complement some texture and patterns.

Mediterranean Home with texture, patterns and personality.

There are many options to add texture to a Mediterranean-inspired space. You can accomplish it with rough details and pieces of furniture such as rustic wooden walls, ceilings or dark floors. You may also pick colorful patterns for curtains, pillowcases or art decors that add up personality to the style.


Get some light.

Mediterranean home with natural lighting

The goal is to look bright and lighting is the key element to achieve it. Allow the natural light to come in by opening your spaces. Choose to have a wider or arched window and let the light emphasize the beautiful colored walls.


Accessorize well.

Mediterranean Home with Grand Mirrors' Mediterranean Mirror

Incorporate your home with carefully chosen pieces that will add to the vibe such as a Mediterranean lighted mirror. Grand Mirrors’ Mediterranean Mirror offers a lighted mirror collection with ceramic frames in many colors, patterns, and designs inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. All mirrors are made to any size and quantity which makes a very perfect element for this home style.


Bring nature into your space.

Mediterranean Home with plants

Wrap up your decorating process by adding some indoor plants. Indoor plants help in circulating the air and complete the serene atmosphere of a Mediterranean home. Add also some natural scents like essential oils that will instantly bring you to Mediterranean places.

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