Deco Mirrors by Grand Mirrors in a Bathroom

Best Mirror Types for Home Decoration

Mirror is the best choice for home decoration because it compliments different settings. From the moods and personalities, it adds up to every corner of the room, a mirror also equates to functionality. We have looked for the different mirror types you can put up whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, and anywhere in the house.


1.) Round Mirrors

Best Mirror Types for Home Decoration Round Mirrors

Photo via Tradux Mirrors

A round mirror is the most popular because it is easy to find and blends everywhere compared to other mirror types. According to Tradux Mirrors,  it symbolizes relaxation since it is composed without angles or corners. A round mirror can also be the center of the decoration pieces.


2.) Floor Mirrors


Best Mirror Types For Home Decoration Grand Mirrors

Photo via Waiting on Martha


Floor Mirrors give the optical illusion of more space when it’s well-positioned especially if it bounces natural light. This type of mirror also serves a flattering look since it is intended to rest against the wall.  Did we also mention that it is easy to install too?


3.) Custom-cut Mirrors

Best Mirror Types For Home Decoration Grand Mirrors Deco Mirrors Custom

Deco Mirrors By Grand Mirrors

Impress your guests with eye-catching customized mirrors. Aside from its unique cuts, this kind of mirror instantly gives a sense of elegance and style.

Grand Mirrors offers Deco Mirrors that allows making patterns on your mirror in different shape options.


4.) Mirrored Walls or Mirrored Closet Doors

Best Mirrors Type for Home Decoration Mirrored Wall

Photo via Louise Bushell Photography

If you choose practicality, mirrored wall or closets are the best options. These are space-saving and enhance aesthetic appeal at the same time according to Homedit. Mirrored doors and walls are make smaller rooms appear bigger than they are.


5.) Statement Mirrors

Best Mirrors Type for Home Decoration Statement Mirror

Photo via Glance Mirror From Boca do Lobo

Add spice to your space by adding beautiful statement mirrors. Statement mirrors are great alternative to artworks and other ornaments that give the vibe.

You may check Love Happens’s list of best statement mirrors to get some ideas.


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