Intensifies room with mirror

Grand Mirrors’ Latest and Unique Lighted Mirror Collections

Grand Mirrors is known for its made-to-measure lighted mirrors, energy-saving bulbs, powerful lighting options, and more. To add your lighted mirror collection or wish list, here are more unique and latest lighted mirrors from Grand Mirrors to watch out for.



LUX Pro installed inside the fitting room


Grand Mirrors launched an upgraded version of LUX. LUX Pro is equipped with dual light and power that makes it the brightest lighted mirror in the market today. It is designed to fit in salons, fitting rooms, high-end hotels, and more. LUX Pro can also function as a primary source of lightning in an area with its different LED light options.




Grand Mirrors Lumiere installed in a bathroom


If you are looking for a beautiful lighted mirror that will transform your bathroom elegantly, LUMIÈRE is the best fit. Grand Mirrors LUMIÈRE is built with up to 3” wide frosted edges. Its light spreads evenly all around the mirror that provides indirect light to the bathroom. LUMIÈRE can be customized precisely to any size you want.





Baroque mirror lighted mirror


Having a highly decorative, classic, and theatrical style of vanity lighted mirror is been always a dream. Grand Mirrors offers a beautiful, 30” x 40” BAROQUE with lighted bulbs integrated directly in the mirror. It is available in a wide variety of colors and orientations. Grand Mirrors BAROQUE features two additional LED Light Options such as Cool Light (6000k) and Warm Light (3000K).




Grand Mirrors Eclipse Bathroom Mirror


Grand Mirrors ECLIPSE is a made-to-measure backlight mirror. ECLIPSE spreads LED light evenly around the back of the mirror, which makes it the optimal bathroom mirror, providing indirect light to the rest of the bathroom. ECLIPSE  lighted mirror can also be combined with Grand Mirrors LUX and Grand Mirrors HOLLYWOOD.




Grand Mirrors Mediterranean installed in the living room


Inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean region and its associated relaxing lifestyle, Grand Mirrors MEDITERRANEAN offers a lighted mirror collection combining the beautiful designs of the past with modern technologies. It is available with ceramic frames in many colors, patterns, and designs equipped with powerful integrated light. With its easy and secure wall mount, the Grand Mirrors MEDITERRANEAN installs in minutes and creates an aesthetic anywhere you would like to have a mirror.

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