Grand Mirrors Lighted Mirrors That You Should Check Out

Grand Mirrors manufactures and designs premium quality lighted mirrors since 2001. Their lighted mirrors are known for made-to-measure or customization options, energy-saving bulbs and easy installation. Here are some of the lighted mirrors from Grand Mirrors that you might need for the upcoming home renovations.



1. LUX

LUX Bathroom Mirror installed in a bathroom sink


Talking about upgrading your spaces specifically bathrooms, Grand Mirrors LUX gives that instant transformation. It is fully made to measure with a variety of LED layouts and colors. LUX also offers double LED light and power with its Pro version which makes the brightest lighted mirror. It is designed for salons, barbershops, fitting rooms, high-end hotels and much more.





Oval ALLURE Bathroom Mirror installed in a sink


Grand Mirrors ALLURE is another best choice for a bathroom lighted mirror. From its different sizes and designs, it allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams. ALLURE is built with a beautiful brushed aluminum frame and can be in shapes, round, oval, and rectangle.




Grand Mirrors Hollywood in a round shape


Never settle for less when it comes to a vanity mirror. Grand Mirrors HOLLYWOOD allows customization from sizes, shapes, and styles such as regular, round, arch, trifold and baroque. HOLLYWOOD bulbs are energy efficient with 3-watts and 12 volts power supply which can be used perfectly for salons or barbershops that will impress your clients.



Grand Mirrors Deco Art installed above the sink of a bathroom


Instead of the usual mirror frames, choose beveled mirrors in different shapes such as square and hexagon. DECO Modula, DECO Art, and DECO Frame are powered with True Light technology along with their elegant styles. DECO lighted mirror offers you the freedom to make your design.




Etch Mirror with back light from Grand Mirrors installed against a decorative wall


Make it personal with Grand Mirrors ETCH. It has a variety of designs; you can send your own patterns or logos to have it customized in your mirror. ETCH allows expressing your styles to compliment it with your designs.

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