5 High-Tech Accessories To Get For Your Bathroom


Hi-tech bathrooms improve the feeling of luxury, convenience, cleanliness, and even just plain pleasure. These high-tech bathroom accessories should certainly come as no surprise, as technical devices seep every part of people’s lives. From touch-sensitive taps to smart mirrors and high-tech toilets, these modern bathroom accessories will definitely make spending time in the washroom a little bit more enjoyable.



High-Tech Toilets


Unlike traditional toilets, the high-tech version washes from behind and — if desired — in front with water. These high-tech toilets doesn’t require hands or paper. These toilets have temperature-controlled water, spritzing wands and automatic dryers. The best feature warm seats, automatic motion sensors to raise the lid, and self-cleaning mechanisms (a dream come true for germaphobes). Most are designed to flush automatically after use, too.



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image: TOTO



Smart Mirrors


Smart mirrors are loaded with smart features that will make you enjoy your morning routine like never before. Just look, touch or use your voice (this one is Google’s Alexa-enabled). Along with reflections, this high-tech mirror displays the weather, time, date, news or even play videos. QAIO Smart Mirror is among other brands that offer smart mirrors.



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image : QAIO


Digital Faucets


Digital faucets are a great way to conserve water and energy. It features built-in infrared sensors that instantly turn on the water supply when you place your hands under the tap. The short-timed water supply prevents wastage as compared to standard taps.





Digital Showers


Don’t you hate the wait for the water to reach just the right temperature when you step into the shower? Digital Showers let you control shower temperature, water flow, steam, music and chromotherapy or mood-enhancing lighting.



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image: GROHE


Waterproof Television


Soak in a tub and watch your favorite show. This waterproof TV is android smart, easy to install and easy to use. The TV vanishes completely and turns into a mirror when turned off. Place them across from the toilet seat, tub or shower for easier viewing access.



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Which of these would you like to have in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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    returned the following output. You can view the output of a command by right clicking in a command prompt window and choosing Open Text Output Window.

    The AppcmdUI also offers a databrowser where you can see the output of each cmdlet in your script. It supports JScript and batch file output as the databrowser currently does not create a numbered output for JScript files.

    Getting to know the version of the.
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    Many more features can be found in the demo version.
    OSIcon Explorer is free to use.
    [October 2007 – RTVR Review by Stuart Bourell]

    Finder Plus is a nimble file manager for Windows that sents file searching. We like the way you can use this little application to search your computer (beyond the ordinary Find) for icons and even images. In fact, you don t even need a photo viewer.
    Other Newsgroup posts:
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    Reactive Lazarus is the most complete solution for the development of Lazarus applications. Its ReactX component library lets you use the IDE’s tool
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