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Lighted mirrors have become a part of the interiors whether it is residential, hospitality, salons, and a lot more depending on its uses. As the market is growing, there are many a lot of manufacturers or brands to choose from. So, we gathered 5 things to remember to help you choose the right lighted mirror.



1. Mirrors should have energy-efficient light.


Hollywood Mirror will cool lighting option


Invest in energy-saving bulbs. The right lighted mirror must have 3-watts bulb and an efficient 12-volt power supply. Grand Mirrors LUX is made with a patented LED light system that has a reflector on the back to captures the LED light and directs it towards the front of the mirror where you need it. This helps to preserve light and save energy.



2. Offers a wide variety of designs.


Grand Mirrors HOLLYWOOD Baroque Frames


We have different purposes in buying the right lighted mirror. Some use it as a vanity mirror, and some are to fit in their interiors. It is important to choose a manufacturer that has different styles and allows you to customize your mirror. It can be customized from frame, sizes to shape, and light options.



3. Available with different light options.


Mediterranean Tarifa Mirror Design with True Light LED Lights Remote Control


Isn’t it great if a choice to have a lighted mirror that is not limited to standard lighting option? Most of the lighted mirrors have LED light options such as warm, cool, true light. Grand Mirrors has Philips LED light options like warm light, mid-warm light, and cool light. These light options also integrate a light transfer technology which results in a highly effective light that is up to 3 times brighter than other mirrors.




4. Easy Installation.


Grand Mirrors are easy to install compared to other mirrors


When buying a mirror, you should consider its process of installation and how long it will take. Does it have easy mounting or do you need to drill some holes? It is important to check if it has a sturdy installation to fit place  the right lighted mirror. Then, you must also plan where to put it to safely secure it near the power source.




5. Additional and unique features.


Fog free mirror with a defogger installed.


Aside from considering the budget, quality, and  purposes, you must take a look at its unique features that can be added or built-in already. Most outstanding lighted mirrors have optional features such as beveled edges, defogger, touch less on & off, night light, stainless steel brackets, motion sensor, touch control, and a lot more. There you go, you have found the right lighted mirror for your place. 


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