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Interior Design Trends To Have This Year

Staying at home as much as possible is the new normal we are facing today. There are factors that affects our feelings in the middle of this crisis but according to experts, the choices of interior designs can influence our emotions subconsciously.

Here are the top interior design trends that might help you to cope up or to consider a renovation:



   Have a minimal design with integrated hardware.


Modern and minimal interior design with integrated hardware


The minimal home design has been a thing but associating it with integrated hardware claims to be the new interior design trend. According to Karen Williams, it carries a design which its vertical elements bring an ordered look that can help improve clarity and clear one’s mind.



Try the Grand Millennial Style.


Grand Millennial House Style Interior Design


Grand Millennial is the newest home decoration which started last year and is defined as the “new-meets-old” interior design trend.  In other words, it is the mixture of modern & ancient stuff. Grand Millennial has more traditional touches showing lively vibes that can uplift your mood.



Add indoor plants.


Indoor plants as part of the interior design

Psychologists also tell that greenery in the home is good that’s why people blend it in with their interiors.  Surrounded by plants can help you relax and ease stress. You can have common plants such as Aloe or snake plants. 



Choose bold monochromatic colors.


Bold Monochromatic Interior Color with Cobalt Blue


This is one of the new interior design trends this 2020. Bold monochromatic is made of one color with various shade as explained by Hommes Studio. It can be shades of cobalt blue or green. Additionally, these color give warming personality that helps you feel cozy.



Accessorize with Technology.


Wireless controller of your lighted mirror


Modern technology should not be missing in all these interior design trends. Grand Mirrors offers lighted mirrors  has features that will excite you.  It can be customized with high-tech features like wireless dimmer, touch control, and a lot more.

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