Our Lighted Frame Mirrors are built with effective light technology that creates a very bright light around the mirror to eliminate the shadows and see your reflection clearly.

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Create and customize your Lighted Frame Mirror according to your measure.
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Lighted Frame Mirrors by Grand Mirrors

Lighted Frame Mirrors comes in a complete package of everything you need and can be customized to almost any size.

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Captured Led Light

3 Times Brighter Light

Grand Mirrors are built with a unique light system, which is up to three times brighter than other mirrors and captures the light on the sides and the back of the mirror. Other mirrors may look similar, but they are usually designed for decoration rather than for effective lighting.

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Equal Light Distribution

Our mirrors are installed with a diffuser to spread out the light equally over the lighted parts of the mirror, which results in a high quality, beautiful and efficient lighting.

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Installation is Easy

Simply mount 2 strips on the wall, connect the mirror to power and hang on the wall. This usually takes 30-40 minutes.

Powerful Light Options

Grand Mirrors integrates a light transfer technology, which causes the light to be directed right towards you resulting in a very effective light that is up to 3 times brighter than other mirrors.

Choose from Cool, Warm, True Light, or Philips LED Light.

For the Cool, Warm True light, we have wireless dimmers available. You also have the option to add Philips LED lights with dimmers.

Standard LED Light Options:

Warm Light (3000K)

Warm Light (3000K)
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Cool Light (6000K)

Cool Light (6000K)
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True Light (2700-6500K)

True Light (2700-6500K)
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Philips LED Light Options:

Philips Warm Light (2700K)

Philips Mid-Warm Light (4000K)

Philips Cool Light (6500K)

Touchless On – Off

Optionally, we can equip your mirror with a touchless on-off sensor. The light turns on and off by simply waving your hand under the mirror.

Grand Mirrors True Light Technology

Full Spectrum LED Light. The Perfect Light Anytime, Anywhere


With True Light Technology, you don’t need to choose between cool and warm light anymore.


Getting ready for your day at work? The cool tone simulates the light in the office, while the warmer color will represent the color for a night out.


Do you want to match the light exactly with other lights in the bathroom?


Choose from the full spectrum between 2700K and 6200K and quickly set the color and brightness with the wireless remote control.

Specification Table

Warm (3000K) / Cool (6000K)   True Light
12 Volts operating voltageOperating Volts 24 Volts
650 lumen per footLumen per foot 510
90+ CRI 90+
6 Watts watt per footWatt per foot 10 Watts
50,000 Hours lifetime LED lightLifetime LED light 50,000 Hours
Copper free
5mm glass
Polished edges
mirrorMirrror Copper free
5mm glass
Polished edges
Meets UL standards
mirrorCertifications CE
Meets UL standards

Customization Add Ons:

Custom Cut-outs

We make custom cut-outs in the mirror anywhere you like for a faucet or a light fixture. With our CNC computerized product process, we produce and cut the mirrors with extreme precision.


With a wide variety of Stainless Steel and Black Walnut wooden frames, you can give the mirror a beautiful finished look. Most frames close the gap between the wall and the mirror.

Beveled Edges

Create a frame in an elegant way with a beveled edge. Available on most mirrors with bevel widths up to 1.5".


Equip your mirror with a defogger to keep it clear and clean after enjoying a hot shower. Available in different shapes and sizes.

Night Light

Add a night light that illuminates from under the mirror. With a completely invisible sensor, the night light is a great add-on to your mirror.

Stainless Steel

We offer a wide variety of stainless steel brackets for mounting the mirror on the ceiling or countertop. Please contact us for more information.

Motion Sensor

Our mirrors can also be installed with a motion sensor. The LED light turns on automically when you walk towards the mirror and will automatically turns off, 5 minutes after you left. This is also a great option for salons.

Remote control Four different remote controls for mirrors and dimmers
Wireless Dimmers

With a wireless dimmer, you can conveniently dim the light or change the light color. Easy to install on every Grand Mirror products.