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5 Elements to Add to Modern Luxury Home

Everyone dreams to live in an elegant house and spend worth of billions to become one of the phenomenal houses in the world. However, prices and sizes alone don’t necessarily mean you already have a modern luxury home if you’re missing any of these elements:



Luxurious living room with authentic pieces in a modern luxury home

1. Come Up With A Home Style

A modern luxury home can’t be achieve without having a fancy home taste and a curated style. The style brings out the extravagance of the whole place from the very tiny details up to the huge ones. According to architect Dietrich, when we are designing our home, we must carefully consider the details and how they can enrich its story. Visualize the style you want first, to place the right structural elements, textures and other needs towards achieving the perfectly-polished dream house.








Outdoor living space with a living room set and trees of a modern luxury home


2. Add Outdoor Spaces To Your House Plan

Aside from sophisticated chandeliers and top-notch kitchen, a beautifully made luxury house should have breathing spaces. As they say, outdoor living is a huge part of today’s luxury market and nowadays, interior designers are being extra at it. They have been blending interior and exterior spaces and the results are jaw-dropping.  Outdoor spaces are very important in making a home relaxing and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.








My Qaio Lighted Smart Mirror Installed in a bathroom sink of a modern luxury home

3. Upgrade Your Home Automation Gadgets

One thing that also makes a home luxurious is convenience. You shouldn’t be left behind on the latest technology that will make life easier and home more expedient. Install new techs that will let you monitor your house and do things for you like voice automation, smart mirrors and such. You can check out Barrett’s smart technology trends must-haves for 2018.       











Grand Mirrors Installed in a high class living room of a modern luxury home

4. Install Lavish Mirrors

Some designers say that mirrors aren’t just for enhancing or solving design problems but it’s a great home accessory. Mirrors can add mood, balance, make a room look wider and brighter and even an alternative for art displays. Of course, you must choose the right mirrors by considering its type, shape, frame or pick the lighted ones for the posher style. Grand Mirrors Inc. has stunning lighted mirrors that are also made for customization to fit in your interiors.









a classy set of wooden tables and top class furniture in a modern luxury home

5. Invest in Other Good Decors

There are so many ways to enhance your interiors for a grander look. You can try adding fabulous lamps or personal pieces as embellishments. Designer Alejandro Uriburu suggests to buy whatever that make them feel happy, pleased and something that must reflect themselves. Read Forbes’ best investment pieces for your home to get decoration ideas.

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