Must-Have Kids Bathroom Decor

There are so many creative bathroom decor ideas to make space look not only cute but fit well with your family’s daily needs. Color, joy, and imagination dominate in children’s restrooms. Learn how to incorporate these themes into a bathroom that your child will like.




Storage is a must in the vanity. It’s great for spare toothbrushes and other small items. Washcloths and extra shampoo etc. are in organizing bins in the cabinet. Grand Mirrors CABINET Mirror offers incredible convenience and functionality all-in-one.





By creating two vanity stations, this bathroom allows multiple kids to brush their teeth at the same time and prevent chaos when everyone tries to get ready in the morning. If you like the idea of two vanities but lack the space in your bathroom, consider a bigger sink with multiple faucets.








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Extra towel hooks are a necessity if you have multiple kids sharing a bathroom. Add as many hooks as possible so that every child has a place for their towel. These colorful hooks are incredibly simple to put and so versatile!











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A stool is a must for little ones. Choose a step stool that helps tots reach the sink. Make sure you purchase one that has a grip on the bottom.  If you don’t want a step stool underfoot, there are also cabinets where that bottom drawer pulls out to become a step.













Traditional restrooms are hardly the stuff of children’s fantasies. Most of the time, it’s really difficult to get them in there! Use vibrant colors and adorable character accessories to entice them to take a bath and brush their teeth! This modern bathroom is aimed toward the kids in the house, but it still has some style to appeal to grownups.














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Perfect for the little ones who love to play while taking a bath. Invest in storage baskets if you don’t have an under-sink vanity or cupboards. They’re a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up bath toys and keeping them out of sight when guests arrive.














Do you have any other ideas that you can add to the list? Please let me know in the comment section below!


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