Backlit Mirror Installed on a Double Sink Luxury Bathroom

Tips on Where to Place Your Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the many ways to decorate your spaces. It has different purposes too that serves functionality with style. However, placements of mirrors matter, and it requires following some guidelines. Here are 4 interesting ideas on where to place your mirrors at home and in many places:


Grand Mirrors where to place your mirrors blog


Use the Mirror to Brighten Up the Room.

Place your mirror where it bounces light. Move it directly or across the window. Hitting the mirror with the natural light brighten the rooms instantly. It will always come up with a pleasing look, no matter what time of the day. The lighting and the mirror actually enhances the color and highlights the best part of the room.





Elle Decor for Where to Place Your Mirrors


Create Focal Points.

They say mirrors make great focal points.  We all know that mirrors are for reflection in which it should capture something that looks attractive. The mirror must reflect important details such as beautiful masterpieces, gorgeous fireplace or the living room. Be sure to avoid highlighting an unattractive piece of furniture or clutters.





Backlit Mirror installed inside a luxurious bathroomInstall Where It Sparks Purpose.

You wouldn’t decorate a mirror out from nothing so install your mirrors where you usually need it such as in bathrooms and bedrooms. In bathrooms, the mirror should be the center of attraction. Install a Mirror with Back Light to give the bathroom a unique and elegant look. Lighted mirrors are helpful in complementing every corner of the bathroom.






A child beside a big mirror where to put your mirror

Place a Mirror in Hallways or Near Staircases.

Like what we’ve mentioned, mirrors create an illusion that makes a space bigger. If you haven’t decided where to put the mirror, place it along with a narrow hallway or staircases. According to interior designers, this will widen the space and create a better flow from room to room.







Round Mirror Hanged on a white wall. Where to Place your Mirrors blog


Hang It Over The Furniture.

Use your mirror as a charm by hanging it above a certain piece of furniture or couch to give a simple yet striking look. Consider the ideal size, shape, and frame style of the mirror to fit coordinately in the room. Don’t also forget to focus on the height of the mirror for secure installation.

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