Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019

If you want to glow up this year, you might want to have these Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019. The year of highlighters, dewy skin, and over-all bomb look has come, taking care of your make-up and having these tools are just as important as drawing spot-on eyebrows. Am I right girls?




Brush Tools


Alright, you already have the right shade of concealer, the not-so-cakey-foundation, cute eyelash curler, the perfect eyeliner and mascara, and dozens of lippies (of course) but do you have your own Brush Tools yet? You can always blend using your fingers but achieving that perfect glow up is easier by using the right brush, tools, and blender.

The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill will help you to “master any look”. This collection includes 25 brushes that can slay any look. This special brush collection is made for all, for every look, for every make-up enthusiast.




Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Morphe Brush Set Container Bag in Silver

Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Brush Tools Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Brush Set in Silver









Vanity Case


You cannot NOT HAVE your own Vanity Case or even a Cosmetic Bag. You should always have your “to-go” make-up with you for your girls’ night out, travelling, or just for feeling pretty anywhere, anytime. Keep your lippies, blush on, and oil control film in your Cosmetic Bag for the perfect retouch.

These Victoria’s Secret vanity bags are definitely one of the cosmetic must-have to bring out the posh in you.






Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Victotia's Secret Vanity Bag in Pink

Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Victoria's Secret Cosmetic Bag in Black









Vanity Mirror



What is make-up without your Vanity Mirror? The right lighting, mirror, and over-all vanity table is important. For all you girls who doesn’t have the right mirror, you should invest in a  good make-up mirror with great lighting for the flawless look you’ve been dying to have. Make sure that your vanity mirror’s reflection is Shadow-free to have a balanced make-up. You don’t want the other half of your face messy and darker, do you? Plus, it’s more fun to do make-up in front of a vanity mirror. It’s not all about the beauty, it’s also about the fun!

Grand Mirrors’ Hollywood Mirror provides just that – a shadow-free and perfect lighting vanity mirror which can be customized to the shape of your liking. A good set of mirrors will last forever and will reflect the best in you.



Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Hollywood Mirror by Grand Mirror in a pink room









Brush and Make-up Organizer



Keep those brushes clean and organized. You can get dirty skin, pimples, or even an infection just by being unorganized with your make-up tools. Remember, beauty starts within and reflects through your skin! One of the best ways to maintain a good, healthy skin is by organizing your make-up tools using your own Brush Holder. Glow up is better with good skin and clean make-up tools.

PBteen’s Ultimate Beauty Vanity can be personalized where you can add your name as a design, and it is also loaded with drawers to help you get your stuff organized and clean. It’s a total must have for make-up beginners!




Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 White Make-Up Organizer with make-up brushes by PBTeen





Hot Tools



The beauty essential that every beauty enthusiast set their dreamy eyes upon: Hot Tools. Keep ‘em curly, straight, blow-dried. Hot tools are essential for make-up beginners. As they say, the hair is our crowning glory. We must keep them pretty, gorgeous, and hot. You can have the perfect make-up look, but it’s better paired with the perfect locks.


Top 5 Best Beauty Tools of 2019 Hot Tools' Blower and Straightener with an Eye-Palette in Purple Background




These 5 beauty essentials for beginners can help you achieve that 2019 glow up that you’ve been waiting for. Small things such as these will have big impact. Make-up is not all about foundations and lippies, it’s also about how you take care of your tools and essentials for yourself throughout hair your make-up journey.





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