Lead the light of mirror your way

This is Grand Mirrors


Grand Mirrors Touch Control allows you to enjoy the simplicity and ease of controlling your mirror lights. Our touch control system has a wide range of features to improve your mirror experience and is designed for simple operation.


Key Features:


Wireless Functionality:.

You can operate your mirror anywhere in the room thanks to its range of up to 15 metres.


Comprehensive Controls: .

Change the LED light's colour, programme and save custom settings for quick access, turn the mirror on and off, and adjust brightness.


Smooth Light Transition:.

Enjoy a smooth change in light intensity when turning the mirror on and off.


Multiple Controllers:.

The ability to support up to four controllers offers additional comfort and utility.


Versatile Placement:.

You can carry the controller around, mount it on the wall, set it on a table, or fasten it to the mirror.


Easy Synchronization:.

Match the controller's light as soon as you can to your mirror’s light.


Durable and Stylish Design:.

Featuring an easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant glass front.


Battery Powered:.

Uses two AAA batteries, with a predicted 14-month battery life under typical use.


Upgrade your mirror experience with Grand Mirrors Touch Control, where convenience and style meet to deliver the ultimate in mirror lighting control.

TouchControl 400

For LED Cool, Warm, and
Philips LED Light

Control the mirror lights in your hand

TouchControl 400

For LED Cool, Warm, and
Philips LED Light

TouchControl 430

For LED True Light

Mirror lights best features

TouchControl 430

For LED True Light

TouchControl 450

For LED Multicolor

With mirror light will open up

TouchControl 450

For LED Multicolour

Lighted mirror

Wi-Fi Control 1000: The Ultimate Solution for Multiple Mirror Management

For situations with numerous installed mirrors, such as those in salons or sizable homes, Wi-Fi Control 1000 is the ideal solution. This cutting-edge control system is a useful time-saver because it lets you control and adjust the lighting settings of up to 16 mirrors at once or separately.


Key Features:


Multiple Mirror Management:.

A total of 16 mirrors can be independently controlled, allowing for customization based on personal preferences and needs.


Comprehensive Controls:.

Easily change the active programmes and scenarios for each mirror or all mirrors at once. Adjust the brightness, LED colours, and light intensity.


Simultaneous Control:.

A uniform and aesthetically pleasing lighting environment is achieved by simultaneously managing all connected mirrors.


Wi-Fi Connectivity:.

Use wireless technology's strength for seamless control and straightforward setup.


Ideal for Salons and Large Residences:.

Ideal for spaces with lots of active mirrors, like spas, sizable homes, or beauty salons.


Time-Saving Solution:.

You can save time and effort by quickly and effectively adjusting the settings on your mirror.


With Wi-Fi Control 1000, you can improve your multi-mirror experience while utilising the most cutting-edge technology.