Introducing Grand Mirrors


With the Grand Mirrors Mounts collection, you can enhance your mirror mounting experience by choosing from a variety of sturdy, fashionable, and adaptable mounting options for your Grand Mirrors products.

Grand Mirrors Countertop Mount

Grand Mirrors Countertop Mount’s round and square designs are available to suit your mirror and mounting area preferences, and it is made of durable stainless steel. This sturdy mounting bracket has a built-in power cord storage compartment and is compatible with the majority of Grand Mirrors products. It can also be customised in size. To improve the look of your space, select a polished or brushed finish.


  • Diameter round tube: 40mm/1.5”.
  • Dimension square tube: 40mm x 40mm/1.5” x 1.5.

The Grand Mirrors countertop mounting bracket is made of durable stainless steel and available in a round or square options to fit your mirror and mounting space. The mounting bracket is incredibly sturdy and suitable for almost all Grand Mirrors models. The size of the bracket is fully customisable, and the power cables are conveniently hidden inside the tube. Available in a brushed or polished version.

Diameter round tube 40mm. (Customisable on request)

Dimension square tube 40mm x 40mm. (Customisable on request)

A statement mirror
Artfully positioned mirror

Grand Mirrors Ceiling Mount

The stainless steel Grand Mirrors Ceiling Mount is made with round or square tube designs to fit your mirror’s shape and mounting space needs. Nearly all Grand Mirrors models are compatible with this sturdy, adaptable mount, which can be made to your specifications. The power cords are neatly tucked away inside the tube to maintain an orderly, uncluttered appearance. To finish off your look, pick a polished or brushed finish.


  • Diameter round tube: 40mm/1.5”.
  • Dimension square tube: 40mm x 40mm/1.5” x 1.5.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel provides enduring performance even in challenging environments and is renowned for its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. To match the style of your mirror and the contours of your mounting surface, choose between a square steel tube or a rounded steel tube.


With dependable, elegant, and flexible mounting options for your particular space, the Grand Mirrors Mounts collection will elevate your mirror arrangement.

Designed supercharged mirror
Rounded Steel Tube
Create a sense of artistry with mirror
Square Steel Tube
Sunburst mirror in living room